Effort required to compress liquids
Effort required to compress liquids
Pure gases are made up of just one atom (Atoms are collections of tiny bits of electricity). While Pure gases are made of only one; elemental gases are made of two or more of the same atoms - such as hydrogen.
Compound particals make solids, and particals making a gas are loose; therefore you cannot hold a gas like you can a solid.
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Some commonly known gases include:
  • Oxygen o2(Air)
  • HeliumHe2(Put in ballons to make them float)
  • Nitros oxideN2o(Laughing Gas, used mostly by dentists and doctors for their patients)
  • Carbon DioxideCo2(Pullotion gases - scroll down)
  • Hydrogen H( Mostly in water)

All gases are either invivible or difficult to see.
Water is made up of one part Oxygen and two part Hydrogen
There is no helium in the human body.
While air is made from one part nitrogen and 2 parts oxygen

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