The Victorians
The Victorian times were called 'Victorian' because the Queen of that time was called Queen Victoria! However her real name was Alexandraya. She became queen aged just 19! She was also very good at art when she was a teenager, she drew her self portrait.

This is her signature.

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In those times they didn't have electrisity they had to use candles for light. As well as that, all the waste they had was thrown out of the windows! This made all the street's messy and smelly. Queen Victoria ruled for 64 years which is the longest reign in history; but our Queen (Elizabeth) has had her diamond jubilee (2012) for sixty years in the thrown.

Horse drawn carriages were very popular as there were no cars then. Our Queen's (Queen Elizabeth) carriage use to be Queen Victoria's.

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Did you know?
During Victoria's reign the population in Britain doubled! By then there were around 37 million people in Britain which meant that there was a huge demand for houses, jobs and clothing.

Clothing and death
This is the type of dress Queen Victoria would have worn before and after her beloved husband Albert. After Albert died the queen almost gave up on life. She felt that she could never go on without him so one day she was up all night and was not allowed to sleep but in the end she fell in to a deep sleep and sorrowfully died. Everyone was in mourning after her death. On the bright side she was able to be with her beloved husband in heaven for the rest of her life.

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Victorian food

In London (Covent Garden) there was a fruit and vegetable market that was used by many victorian citizens. There was also no freezers in the victorian times so you had to use larders, to keep storage cold. The rich victorians had servants to cook their food for them,also the victorian servants had reflected ovens to cook food.To measure something out they had to use metal scales. The cook was in charge. Also the milk that they had was delivered to houses straight from the farm. When the victorians brought there food from the market they use pounds,shillings and pence.

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